Cast Bronze: Make it last a lifetime

Bronze projects an image of quality and distinction. Ideal for a variety
of uses, bronze can accent or complement any architectural decor. No other
product matches the permanence or beauty of a cast bronze plaque for a
lasting tribute.

Some reasons you may think about using bronze:

  • Identification is an important element of public image. Identifying your
    company or facility with a distinguished cast bronze plaque or individual
    letters can give your signage that professional touch.

  • Dedicate the opening of a new wing or building with a record of the occasion
    preserved on a bronze plaque.

  • Express your gratitude for those who have dedicated their services to helping
    others. Consider a sculpted portrait plaque to honor them.

  • Use of cast ADA signs to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    Please follow the link below to view some of the options we can offer you.
    Then stop in to our showroom and we will get to work on 'making your memories
    last a lifetime'.

    Matthew's Bronze
    Matthews Bronze

    NOTE: Items such as baby shoes, sculptures or even animal skulls can be preserved in bronze.
    Please contact us about specialty bronzing today!

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